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white Color Omron PLC Types CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S selectable Port
  • white Color Omron PLC Types CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S selectable Port
  • white Color Omron PLC Types CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S selectable Port
  • white Color Omron PLC Types CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S selectable Port

white Color Omron PLC Types CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S selectable Port

Place of Origin China/Japan
Brand Name OMRON
Model Number CS1D-CPU65S
Product Details
100% Original And New
1 Year
Original Packing
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1 Piece
Black Or White
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Programmable Logic Controller
Original Carton
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CS1D-CPU65S Omron PLC Types


Selectable Port Omron PLC Types

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Product Description

Omron PLC CPU Module CS1D-CPU65S omron plc



Easy to duplicate CPU unit

All programs and internal data in the CPU unit are automatically transferred and synchronized between the active / standby CPU.
There is no need to select data to synchronize or transfer individually.
If an error occurs in the running CPU, control is immediately switched to the waiting CPU. (Within 1 cycle time)

Synchronous operation is always performed between the active CPU and the Standby CPU. If an error occurs in the running CPU, the waiting CPU will continue to control automatically and continuously.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Feature 3

Easy duplication of communication unit

The CPU unit automatically selects a normal communication unit.
There is no need for a complicated switching program or data link for duplication when an error occurs.

Easy to duplicate power supply unit

Two power supply units can be attached to the CPU device, extension device, and long-distance extension device to build a dual power supply system.
Prevents the system from going down due to an abnormality in the power supply unit.
In addition, the failed power supply unit can be identified by the internal relay of the CPU unit.

Units can be replaced while the power is on

You can replace the CPU unit, power supply unit, DPL unit, basic I / O unit, and high-performance unit while the power is on and during operation.
In addition, cable breaks can be monitored, making it easy to identify the location of a failure.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Feature 6

The unit can be directly attached and detached without peripheral tools while the power is on.

The CPU duplication / dual expansion system does not require a dedicated tool or display for online unit replacement.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Feature 7

Dual automatic recovery function of CPU unit

When a CPU unit is switched due to an accidental factor (noise, etc.), the stopped CPU unit can be restarted and automatically restored to the duplicated state without the operator's operation. Possible.
It is possible to shorten the state of running on one CPU and maintain and continue the duplicated state as much as possible in case of an abnormality.
(Settings are required in the PLC system settings. In the case of a hardware failure, duplication cannot be performed after restarting. In that case, the unit needs to be replaced.

Achieve high development productivity

Program capacity 400K step CPU unit added to the lineup to enable structured programming and modular programming with a margin

We have a lineup of 10 types of CPU units that can be selected according to the purpose and application, from small-scale to large-scale systems.
By combining with various I / O units and high-performance units that can be used in common with all CPU units, you can build an optimal system without waste.
CS1D-CPU68HA with UM size 400K steps and EM25 bank is newly added to the lineup.
The total memory capacity of user programs, data memory, comment memory, etc. is 5MB.
Program structuring and modularization can be programmed flexibly and with a margin, making it possible to support even larger systems.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Feature 10

Improve development productivity by diversion and sharing of programs

It supports IEC61131-3 compliant languages ​​and can be programmed in ST and SFC languages ​​in addition to ladder languages.
By using FB, programs can be diverted and shared, and development productivity can be improved.
In addition, compared to the conventional ladder language, the visibility of the program is improved, and the modification work and maintenance work are also streamlined.
FB / ST / SFC can be used with the CPU duplex system CPU unit (CS1D-CPU □□ HA) and CPU independent system CPU unit (CS1D-CPU □□ SA).
(ST: Structured Text, FB: Function Block, SFC: Sequential Function Chart)

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Feature 11

Software assets can be diverted

Even if you use the CS / CJ series together, the support software is the same for the CX-One.
Programs and data are also compatible, so they can be easily reused and reused.
The FB / ST specifications supported by CS1D-CPU □□ HA and CS1D-CPU □□ SA are compatible with CS1H / G and CJ2.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Features 12

Various units are shared with the CS series

The CS1D duplex system has various I / O units and high-performance units in common between the CS series.
Therefore, it is possible to share parts for trouble recovery and maintenance, and it is not necessary to secure duplicate parts for each system.

It is possible to verify the abnormality of the duplicated system with the actual machine.

By executing the failure diagnosis (FAL / FALS) instruction, it is possible to generate a specified abnormal state in a pseudo manner.
Duplicate PLC It is possible to debug the display and application according to the abnormal state of the CPU unit.

CS1D-CPU □□ HA / □□ H / □□ P / □□ SA / □□ S Features 14


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