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MR-J2S-100A 3 Phase 200 to 230VAC Servo Drive
  • MR-J2S-100A 3 Phase 200 to 230VAC Servo Drive

MR-J2S-100A 3 Phase 200 to 230VAC Servo Drive

Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name Mitsubishi
Model Number MR-J2S-100A
Product Details
Servo Amplifier
Mitsubishi Electric
3-phase 200 To 230VAC, 50/60Hz
Permissible Voltage Fluctuation:
3-phase 170 To 253VAC
1.7 KG
High Light: 



3 Phase 230VAC Servo Drive

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
$10.00 - $500.00/Pieces
Packaging Details
100% Original Package
Delivery Time
3-5 days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
1000 Piece/Pieces per Quarter
Product Description

MR-J2S-100A 3-Phase 200 to 230VAC Servo Drive


  • Mitsubishi Servo Drive MR-J2S 100W MR-J2S-10A
  • Theinclusion of a high-resolution encoder ensures high performance and stability at low
  • Motor sizes are the same as previous products and wiring is compatible
  • The application of a high-performance CPU has enhanced response significantly. Speed loop frequency response is im- proved to 550Hz or
  • The MR-J2-Super series are the best choice for use in high-speed positioning applications.
  • The absolute positioning method, which does not require home position return, can be used by adding a battery to the servo amplifier. The servo motor does not need to be replaced



  • Specification
  • Control system Sine-wave PWM control, current control system
    Dynamic brake Built-in
    Protective functions Overcurrent shut-off, regenerative overvoltage shut-off, overload shut-off (electronic thermal relay), servo motor overheat protection, encoder error protection, regenerative error protection, undervoltage, instantaneous power failure protection, overspeed protection, excessive error protection
    Max. input pulse frequency 500kpps (for differential receiver), 200kpps (for open collector)
    Command pulse multiplying factor Electronic gear A:1 to 65535 131072 B:1 to 65535, 1/50 A/B 500
    In-position range setting 0 to 10000 pulse (command pulse unit)
    Error excessive (Note) 2.5 revolutions
    Torque limit Set by parameter setting or external analog input (0 to 10VDC/maximum torque)
    Speed control range Analog speed command 1: 2000, internal speed command 1: 5000
    Analog speed command input 0 to 10VDC / Rated speed
    Speed fluctuation ratio 0.01% or less (load fluctuation 0 to 100%) 0% (power fluctuation 10%) 0.2% or less (ambient temperature 25 10 (59 to 95 )), when using analog speed command

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