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FX3U-128MR/ES-A Mistubishi PLC Module Big Stock With Competitive Price
  • FX3U-128MR/ES-A Mistubishi PLC Module Big Stock With Competitive Price

FX3U-128MR/ES-A Mistubishi PLC Module Big Stock With Competitive Price

Place of Origin China/Japan
Brand Name Mistubishi
Model Number FX3U-128MR/ES-A
Product Details
Delivery Time:
Within 3 Working Days
Shipping By:
Professional Anti-static Bag
1 Year
100% Original Made
Payment Term:
Automation Industrial
Guangdong, Dongguan, Shenzhen Or As Your Selection
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton packaging
Payment Terms
T/T, western union
Supply Ability
10pc/per week
Product Description

FX3U-128MR/ES-A Mistubishi PLC Module Big Stock With Competitive Price

Base Units FX3U
The FX3U series base units are available with 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 or
128 input/output points expandable to 384 points.
It is possible to choose between relay and transistor output type.
Note: Additional special versions are available on request

Special Features:
Integrated serialinterfacefor communication between PCsandHMI
Integrated positioning control
Exchangeable interface modules for direct mounting into a
base unit
LEDs for indicating the input and output status
Slot for memory cassettes
Integrated real-time clock
Expandable with digital I/O modules, special function modules
and ADP modules
User-friendly programming systems, including IEC 1131.3
(EN 61131.3) compatible programming software, HMIs and
hand-held programming units



Operation control method Stored program Iterative operation method (dedicated LSI), with interrupt function
Input / output control method With batch processing method (when executing END instruction), input / output refresh instruction, and pulse catch function
Programming language Relay symbol method + step ladder method (SFC expression possible)
Program memory Maximum memory capacity 64000 steps 64000
steps including comments and file registers
Built-in memory capacity / format 64000 steps (source information can be stored Ver.3.00 or higher) / RAM memory (backed up by built-in lithium battery)
Battery life: Approximately 5 years
Memory cassette (optional) [Ver.3.00 or higher]
・ FX3U-FLROM-1M (2000/4000/8000/16000/32000/64000 steps available, loader function available, source information can be stored in dedicated area 1300kbyte))
・ FX3U- FLROM-64L (2000/4000/8000/16000/32000/64000 step compatible with loader function)
・ FX3U-FLROM-64 (2000/4000/8000/16000/32000/64000 step compatible without loader function)
・ FX3U- FLROM-16 (2000/4000/8000/16000 steps available, no loader function)
Write function during RUN Yes (The program can be changed during the sequencer RUN)
Protection function With password protection function (by keyword function)
Real-time clock Clock function Built
-in 1980-2079 (with leap year correction) 2-digit / 4-digit year switchable, monthly difference ± 45 seconds (25 ° C)
Type of instruction Basic command [Ver.2.30 or higher]
・ 29 sequence instructions
・ 2 step ladder instructions
[less than Ver.2.30]
・ 27 sequence instructions
・ 2 step ladder instructions
Applied instructions 219 species 498 pieces
Computation processing speed Basic command 0.065 μs / instruction
Applied instructions 0.642 μs to several 100 μs / instruction





FX3U-128MR/ES-A Mistubishi PLC Module Big Stock With Competitive Price 0



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